Initial Training and Implementation

Fundamentals of Slate

Our Fundamentals of Slate online events are designed to acquaint users with the core principles and foundational concepts of Slate. These courses teach database decision makers to build and maintain their institution's database. Combining both self-directed and live elements, our Fundamentals events offer comprehensive training that is the successor to our previous Launchpad events.

Each Fundamentals event spans 14 days, allowing users to learn at their own pace through interactive, online course content. Participants will also join several live video meetings each week with Technolutions staff, where they can ask questions, discuss best-practice recommendations, and learn from the cohort of all attendees.

Who should attend

The Fundamentals of Slate events are primarily intended for the builders within the database. These Slate Captains should have a solid understanding of current processes, and be empowered to make decisions and implement plans to address the business needs of the office. They should strike a balance between a functional level expert and a strategic goal-setter.

Slate Captains should be able to commit adequate time to focus on the implementation, and go through the necessary build-out and training along the way. Possible candidates for the role of Slate Captain may include: Director of Operations, Associate or Senior Director, Admissions Coordinator, Director of Advancement Services, Director of Alumni Engagement, etc.

Schedule of Events

Fundamentals training events are hosted frequently each month, year-round. To view and register for an upcoming event, click the Learning Lab link within your institution’s database.


The $250 per registrant fee is waived for the first three attendees from each institution. Within the event registration, participants will be prompted to apply a registration fee waiver, should remaining waivers exist. This registration fee is non-refundable.

Intermediate and Advanced Training

Coming Soon: Focused Learning Paths

Expand your fundamental knowledge and take a deeper dive into a functional area. Learn how to leverage targeted areas of Slate, including communications, querying and reporting, data import, and more.